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There are MANY things I love about my husband..

Like…He’ll do the dishes for a few weeks without complaining.. He’ll do the laundry for a few weeks without complaining.. and put it away!!! (except the whites, he’s not allowed to put those away or we have a few messy drawers on our hands) ..he will usually get me what ever I ask for, no matter how silly or inconvenient it is. and the list goes on and on and on..

But one of the biggest things I love about him is his love for puppy!

You see, Riddick and I had been together for 2 rough years before we even met Aaron. He was born the runt, and tube feed by his Mama Kara for about 2 weeks every 3 hours. When he officially became mine, we were inseparable. We had been through some major ups and downs, then one night in October. It was just the two of us at home and I was hungry. There was nothing to eat at home, so I decided to go out to eat. He always loved car rides so I asked him if he wanted to come. (Just in case you were wondering; Yes, he did answer.) He quickly climbed into his favorite spot in the passengers seat and we head out. We were stopped at a intersection that also happened to be a freeway entrance and off ramp. I was headed straight. When my light turned green I stepped on the gas. I got more than half way through this HUGE intersection then suddenly I saw the rear of a pick up truck RIGHT in front of me. I remember gasping but not much after that. A few seconds later I realized what happened and my first instinct was to look at the light. (it was directly above me at this point) I saw my light was green, and thought to myself. “That guy ran a red light, he ran a red light and hit me.” I looked around and realized my car was filled with white smoke. “Great, now my car is on fire and is going to explode,” I thought to my self. “Oh my gosh, THE DOG” I had forgotten for a split second that the dog was with me. I looked over and saw that the passenger air bag went off. I was immediately panicked, thinking the worse. I screamed his name and heard whimpers from the floor board, I reached under the still inflated airbag and grabbed what I could. I scooped him up in my arms (and still fearing that the car was on fire) I flung open my door and ran out of my car. (Did I mention this was a freeway intersection?? Not too smart!!) I saw a guy standing on the edge of the road smoking and talking on his cell phone, the only thing I could think of was to ask him it was okay. He gave me the worst look and walked away. Then a lady came out of no where to ask me if I was okay. “I think I am” Is all I could think to say. She hugged me, still holding Riddick and walked me over to her car. She and her husband were dressed nicely, and they had two little girls in the backseat. I still wonder where they were going and if they missed what ever they were going too. Those little girls were probably my saving grace. They were so cute and just wanted to Hold Riddick. I couldn’t unglue my arms from him, so they just sat there saying “Hi Puppy” and “Puppy, Puppy, Puppy.”

The lady walked back over to me to ask again if I was okay or if there was anything I needed. I told her I was fine, but worried about Riddick. She told me he was okay, and petted him on the head. I asked her if she knew what happened. And if the guy had run a red light. She told me not to worry about it and just relax. I know I didn’t pass out, but the next thing I remember is sitting in an ambulance and the guys asking me to let go of Riddick so they could make sure I was okay. I told them “Only if you make sure if he’s okay first.” They obliged, but probably thought I was nuts! They checks him all over squashing and prodding him, I’m sure they were just trying to ease a crazy woman’s mind. One of the paramedics held him while they checked me. I couldn’t tell you, even if you offered me a million dollars, what anyone said to me. All I could see was Riddick laying in that mans arms shaking and crying. My face was burned from the airbag. My wrists were a little jammed from hitting so hard and my knee’s were bruised, but Thank God we both walked away from that accident. We both spent about 3 days on the couch unable to move and hurting so bad. I was able to get Riddick some pain medicine and we both just slept.

(Just so you know, I’m the idiot that ran the red light. Apparently, the green turn signal came on and I thought it was my green light to go straight. How I didn’t see the guy turning in front of me as I went straight before I hit him I’ll never know. And I don’t care too. As long as we’re safe..)

From that moment on, I owed more to him. He became an even bigger part of my life, because I realized how easily I could have taken his.

I started dating Aaron about 5 months after that. His parents tell me that Aaron has always been an animal person. But he didn’t take to Riddick as quickly as I wanted. Riddick and I slept nose to nose at night. I made him dinner almost every night and breakfast on the weekend. He really was my life. Aaron didn’t quite get that. He would let him sit on the couch every once in awhile. But didn’t really get what it was all about.

I gave him time and tried to be patient.. and he came around!!

Riddick became his little buddy very quickly. He learned that Riddick was a great napping friend and would keep him warm..

I would always find those two curled up on the couch when I’d least expect it.

We went hiking that first year and it’s where these 2 shined!! Riddick could run up a mounting right along side Aaron and never miss a beat. They had endless energy together and often left me in their dust..

Aaron even coaxed Riddick out on a log in the middle of Dog Lake

That year was the first year of our birthday tradition for Riddick. That year, and every year since, we’ve taken him to a park. We barbecue shishkabobs and play with him for hours. We eat ice cream and stay until the sun goes down.

His love for him and grown and grown.. He even allows himself to be called Daddy, and loves that Riddick knows who Daddy is, and will run to find him when I ask Riddick “Where did Daddy go?

These are just two of my favorite pictures ever of my two little guys..

(I never noticed it before but they both have shaggy hair in the top picture and buzzed hair in the second one!)

I don’t remember exactly when this was, but one night Aaron called Riddick Snuffleupagus when Riddick couldn’t stop sneezing. Since then, when ever he talks to him lovingly he calls him Puppleupagus.

The other night my heart melted when I over heard him having a heart to heart talk with Riddick while in his office.

He told Riddick, “You’re the Puppleupagus and I’m your Daddyleupagus and in there, that’s you’re Mommyleupagus.”

That was the moment that I knew that he understood…

We will always be his Mommyleupagus and his Daddyleupagus..and he will always be our Puppleupagus.

Aaron has said this a lot more since that day, and every time he says it. It just makes me smile. Both on the outside and inside..

I love you babe!!

Thanks for loving our baby puppy like I love our baby puppy!!


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Does the puppleupagus get to sleep on the bed yet? That is the true question.

  2. Nope, i dont love him that much :P

  3. ibeebarbie says

    LOOOOOL@not loving him that much. ;-)

    Ryles, how do you stand for that mistreatment of Riddick not sleeping on the bed?

  4. You are so funny!

  5. Miss Allie sleeps with us. I don’t think we could sleep without her. Though I’m sure that Gary would prefer if she didn’t steal all the blankets.

    That was a really sweet post. That is one of the things that made me fall in love with Gary also is his love for animals. We’ve been together for 19 years and though we’ve always been cat people until we got Allie. He was always their daddy. And has cried when we lost one. Now that we have Allie she is “daddy’s girl” and goes on visits with him to the neighbors. We have two really good men!

  6. Thanks everyone!!!

    And no.. like Aaron said. Riddick is not allowed to sleep on the bed. Somedays I really really miss him sleeping in the bed..and other day.. (Just like lea) I’m very glad I get to keep all the blankets. Riddick is a horrible blanket hog. And if you try to move him once he is asleep he will growl at you.

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