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Archives for April 2008

The card of LOVE..

I get all sorts of weird mail at work..

I got this card the other day.. It was pretty cute.. Had a guy with stretched out arms on the front and said..

We love our customers this much…

I always ask Aaron how much he loves me.. So I was going to do something cute with this card and glue something in side of it and write a cute note to him..
(Because I was totally busy doing really important work things!)

When I couldn’t find a glue stick I decided to do something even more cute.. The card basically said what I wanted to say on the inside so I just changed a few things..

I know this is hard to read so I will tell you what it says..

Thank you for your recent purchase love. We I truly value your business love & are am please to have the opportunity to serve love you.

We I know that there are many choices in valve companies wives; we I appreciate the confidence that you have placed in our my quality and craftsmanship.

I am personally committed to making your
purchasing life decisions as easy as possible. Please let me know how I can be of further assistance.

Thank you again for choosing
Webstone me.


My Birthday..

Well.. We are officially all moved in. There is still SOOOOO much to be done. But I don’t feel like doing anything else.. So we’ve decided to take a break.

I have so many posts I want to write.. But I don’t know where to start.. I decided alphabetical order sounds great.. The first folder of interest is my birthday.. (Feb 24th)
Not toooo long ago! :)

(Oh also.. I’m not so good with this whole alphabet thing.. I think I only learned the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star version of the song..So forgive me if I actually stumble out of alphabetical order..that being said..)

My birthday.. I think only Aaron’s Dad took pictures so here are the pictures we have..
(I just totally remember that I sorta already did a post on my birthday.. but now I have pictures.. sorry if you are bored of my birthday..)

I call this picture.. well I don’t know what to call it. But I do wish I could remember what I was doing!
and this one is funny too..

And then I blew out my 25 candles..
And the kids were really cute…

This is Annabella.. or Nan.. or Bella..

(p.s. this picture will make her mom sad, very shortly after this, she cut her hair. FOR THE 3RD TIME! we now call her “Bob”! j/k…)

And her sister Lily.. or Lil.. or.. I-think-you’re-stinky..
And the littlest Eaton.. Alex… or Axe.. or fat man.. or Ace.. (you can see the newest West baby in the background..)
My sister in law would totally kill me for posting this picture.. but I just think it’s too funny!!!
They both look like they just woke up!
And then they did this “picture time with Kevin” moment.. and they’re pretty funny..

And then I did my “typical” birthday pose..
Last year.. (Right before getting engaged..)
And in Vegas..
(I should probably stop doing this.. time for a new move!!)

This was a good one.. Le’a got me this HILLARIOUS card.. It was a noise card and it barked when you opened it.. and it said something like this..

“What’s that Lassie?”

“Jimmie’s in a well??”

“Grandma fell down a hill??”

And on the inside..

“I think she’s saying Happy Birthday.”

“Has anyone seen Grandma?”

I laughed really hard.. OBVIOUSLY!

And I’ll end with one birthday pic of me and puppy…