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The card of LOVE..

I get all sorts of weird mail at work..

I got this card the other day.. It was pretty cute.. Had a guy with stretched out arms on the front and said..

We love our customers this much…

I always ask Aaron how much he loves me.. So I was going to do something cute with this card and glue something in side of it and write a cute note to him..
(Because I was totally busy doing really important work things!)

When I couldn’t find a glue stick I decided to do something even more cute.. The card basically said what I wanted to say on the inside so I just changed a few things..

I know this is hard to read so I will tell you what it says..

Thank you for your recent purchase love. We I truly value your business love & are am please to have the opportunity to serve love you.

We I know that there are many choices in valve companies wives; we I appreciate the confidence that you have placed in our my quality and craftsmanship.

I am personally committed to making your
purchasing life decisions as easy as possible. Please let me know how I can be of further assistance.

Thank you again for choosing
Webstone me.



  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Craftmanship!!! That’s funny!

    Very cute, and CRAFTY!

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