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Crappy day..

I’m kinda having a crappy day.. So I figured I would write about it.

Nothing to serious.. I just feel like poop.
My sinuses feel like they might explode.. I had the worst heartburn all night last night.. my throat is quite possibly on fire.. my body aches all over… I have a headache.. and what else do you want to know???
Oh Aaron.. He’s got a killer migraine..

All I want is to go home and lay on the couch with puppy….

I thought it would make me feel better to write a post but I wanted pictures and I don’t have my camera cord.. So I started looking through my phone to see if there were any pictures I could blog about.. but I can’t get them to email to me from my phone.. so then I remembered our family gallery… So time for the most random post ever!!!

Did I ever tell you that right before we got married Kara took me on an all expenses paid trip to Yellowstone??? We wanted to get away.. but still have it be in driving distance and fun! And Yellowstone was just that..It was my first time there and we had a blast!

I can’t wait to take Aaron there sometime..

(I sure was a lot skinnier back then!! But oh that hair.. I’m so glad that hair is gone.. Even though it looks pretty.. straightening that much hair everyday is not pretty!)

Some of the hot pools were soooo pretty.. and smelly..and all that humidity.. Wow.. I looked like

This was/is Old Faithful.. And honestly.. I’m very very glad it erupted just a few minutes after we sat down.. because LAME!! I was soooo unimpressed.. I mean.. I guess it’s kinda cool. But I feel like my whole life it’s been really talked up. And to actually see it. It wasn’t very impressive.
We actually got to see it twice.. f.y.i. just as lame the second time!

But the area it was in, and all the surrounding buildings and shops are pretty cool..

This is the Old Faithful Inn.. Isn’t it cool? It’s like a tree house. We actually ate lunch here!

Oh and we saw a gazillion of these…

And lots of bison too.. They were pretty cool. We didn’t see a moose. And I really wanted to. We could tell there was a wild life sighting every time there was a bunch of cars pulled over on the side of the road. We stopped every time. One time we apparently barely missed seeing a bear.

And this one time, we saw everyone stopped… we tried to find a place to stop and couldn’t. We seriously turned around 3 times to find a place to stop. Finally I got the hand of this animal thing and rolled down the window to ask someone what they were looking at. If it was Elk or Bison.. No thanks! We already had our fill. This lady gets really excited runs up to my window and with her eye’s as wide as they will open she says “It was a woof!” She was so excited it was soo funny! To this day we use the woof joke all the time! Do you think that lady actually thought wolf’s were called woof’s?? I don’t think l’s can be silent.


How would you like if you wake up and found this guy in your front yard! There were a million of them. This was my favorite town EVER!! I would totally live here if I could..

And this.. I think is just a phenomenal picture! I am seriously considering considering converting it to black and white and hanging it in our bedroom. But I’m a little worried about how bleak and depressing it looks.. oh well…

Okay.. that’s all I can think of to say.. and my sister really hates pictures without people in them, so I better stop now, since that’s about all I have..

I hope you feel better than me… mostly.. I just really hope you don’t feel like poop today! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I’m sorry you feel crappy! So pretty much that geyser thing that erupted, I already forgot what it’s called, was just as unimpressive as seeing the Statue of Liberty? Or, was I the ony one not impressed with that?

    Off to see the Wiz . . .

  2. That geyser thing!! You’re funny.. isn’t Old Faithful like one of the 7 Wonders of the World? Okay.. maybe I made that up.. but

    EXACTLY!!!!!!!! it was just like the Statue of Liberty. That was just as un impressed.

    Tell the Wiz I say hi! And ask if he’s still working on that brain thing for me..

  3. I am confused! so you said that “L”s are never silent what about talk and walk haha jk i love you ryley! But i really do hate when people say woof instead of wolf!

  4. Mixed Up Me says

    Speaking of silent l’s, if that is waht we were speaking of . . .actually come to think of it, this has nothing to do with silent l’s, I’ve just been wantig to say this ever since I heard it in the musical Putnam County Spelling Bee . . .

    IF you take the ‘w’ out of answer, and the ‘h’ out of ghost, and the second ‘a’ out of aardvark, and the ‘t’ out of listen, you can shout “what” all day, and NO ONE will hear you! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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