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29 degrees colder in one day….

That’s all I really have to say.. oh… welcome to spring in Utah!!!!
okay.. really I promise I’ll start posting something worthwhile very soon.. I’m just kinda busy right now.. and haven’t even been on my computer at home for more that 3 seconds in weeks! By the time I get around to posting again.. I’ll have a lot of new cakes to show!! YIPPEE!
And I hope that is good enough for you.. because really… nothing else has been going on.. Maybe my sister in law will have her baby and I can introduce you to Easton West.. (okay.. they really aren’t naming him that.. but that’s our family joke name.. or East N. West.. yea.. you get the picture..) So …..sorry… you’ll have to entertain yourself till then…


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I’m sorry . . . our weather is acting crazy too, though not that drastic.

  2. Mixed Up Me says

    Okay, I found my glasses and read the fine print . . .Easton West, funny. That’s okay because all your baby will do, when you have one, which I think you are soon, you just aren’t telling me, because I had a very vivid dream about it, oaky what was the point . . . oh, all your baby will be doing is sleeping and eaton!!! Ha Ha!

  3. Good think I have a pair of maginfying glasses!!!

  4. Mixed Up Me says

    Where are the pictures of your new nephew??

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