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Another blog..

As if I update my baking blog on a regular basis. I decided to start a new blog!!!

I really want to try to break into more professional baking and would love to have a site to send potential clients too. And while I mostly post about baking there.. I throw in quite a bit of personal stuff..

Like.. who would want me to make a cake for them and then read about my butt bruise???

So.. I mentioned to Aaron that I wanted to start another blog. So I could blog about personal things and not food. He didn’t get it.. and said we have nothing personal going on.. but trust me! WE DO!

So here it is… our family blog..

I’m not going to lie.. it will probably just be smeared with my random thoughts on life..and pictures of the dog!!! :)

Oh by the way… this is us…

and this…

That’s my husband Aaron, Me, and our 3 year old Schnauzer Riddick.

He is pretty much the love of our lives.. and yes.. we have turned into “those kind” of people!

Only.. I don’t totally look like that anymore.. I chopped my hair off and dyed it red.. (Mid life crisis!!)

More on us later!!!!


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I really hope it was more of a quarter life crisis, actually!!

  2. I love the look of the new site. And I love your heading, that is a gorgeous picture with you with the temple behind you.

    Mid life crisis…give me a break, you have a while to go. Wait till you hit at least 30 and then you can be depressed.

  3. Alright Ryan.. you’re right.. it was more for a quarter life..

    Thanks!! I love it too.. I just wish I could think of something to write about! I can’t decide if I should go backwards and write about what has happened or just pick up with life now.. My food blog is so easy.. i have like 30 things waiting to be posted!

    And thanks about the picture! It’s one of our favorites too. We still haven’t even ordered any professional pictures for our house yet..

    And yes ma’am.. I’ll stop complaing about being old!! :)

  4. Blackeyedsue says

    I am diggin’ your foodie blog! YAY!


    love your hair…AND this bolg? Ihave never seen before today! BEAUTIFUL pic at the top~

  6. Gals
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