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A lesson in socializing

I worry a lot that Miles will be seriously slacking in social skills.

Him and his daddy spend all day together, and they don’t get out much.

Other kids scare me. They eat food that could send Miles directly to the hospital. It terrifies me.

I shudder at the thought of leaving him places with other kids, and don’t even get me started with church nursery. They have snacks. Like Goldfish crackers. And kids eat them. And walk around. And stuff. Terrifying.

I’m trying to let down my guard a little. I only make sure Aaron tells someone 3 times when he leaves Miles somewhere not to feed him ANYTHING!!!

Sometimes people don’t think about it. He can eat broccoli, so my mother in law feeds him broccoli with BUTTER ON IT! That kind of stuff gives me heart attacks.

Social skills.. Not food. Focusing..

I worry that he wont know how to interact with other kids. His cousins mostly hate him because “Heeeee ruinnnnnnssss Evvvvverrrrythhhhing..” (said in the saddest whiny voice you’ve ever heard) He kind likes to knock over towers and take train tracks apart. The older cousins, don’t like that.

I was excited for him to meet OBaby. Finally someone a little more his speed. He did great, they shared toys and stared at each other and both did a little pointing at each other. It was a success in my book!

Miles was the big kid that OBaby looked up to. He wanted to be just like him. Standing and playing and frustrated that he couldn’t get up and walk next to Miles. It was adorable. (They maybe even shared a little snotty nose, all in good fun of course.)

I knew it was love at first sight when the first time Miles met OBaby he graciously handed over his “pretties” (purple mardi gras beads that go EVERYWHERE with us, thanks to Grandma.)

(p.s. Gender neutral parenting FTW!) (p.p.s. We were ALL holding our breath and hoping Miles was actually going to put the beads around OBaby’s neck, because HOW CUTE WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN?? but an offering on the remote of trust was just as cute.. sorta.)


  1. SUPER cute!!

  2. Niff and Andy says

    Does he have food allergies and that's why you're so afraid of food?

  3. You should maybe buy Miles an allergy bracelet. I am getting my son one for his extreme milk and egg allergies

  4. I hope Abbi and Miles get to meet and play together one day, but we might have to wait because it seems like Abbi ALWAYS has food in her hands. :)

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