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Wordless Wednesday – Holy Crap My Baby Has Teeth!!!!

(1 day before he turned 7 months old his bottom left tooth appeared. A few days later the right tooth appeared. Boy are they sharp!!! Thankfully he hasn’t bitten me yet………..)

Mommy & Me – At the lake..

I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger. I have so much to talk about and no time.
With wedding season in full swing I don’t think it is going to get much better! Too many cakes, not enough time. Plus I’m doing a wedding show in a month, because you know, I have nothing better to do with my time!

With 2 hours to spare in Monday. I present Mommy & Me Monday!

For Pioneer Day (the 24th) We all went to Daybreak Lake to go paddling. Miles loved sitting on the beach and playing with the sand. (p.s. he’s allllmost sitting up all by himself.)

We were the only neurotic parents that had their kid dressed in long sleeves and long pants with a hat in the heat, but he is VERY fair skinned.

We had so much fun that weekend!

Mommy & Me… on Mars

Discovery Mode..

I love this stage…

Actually from about 4 months on.. I’ve loved every stage.

But this is a good one.

He is always in discovery mode. So aware of his surroundings and basically looking for anything he can put in his mouth!

There is no better place to discover the world than in Grandpa’s backyard…

Especially with Daddy…

Wordless Wednesday – Then & Now

10 days old
6 months old..

And he still loves Rio! :)