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Thepast 2 days in pictures..

Okay. So technically we skipped any pictures until about 5 pm on the 20th.

My water broke at 6am on the 20th. We stayed at home until about 12:30 then headed to the hospital to get the last labor and delivery room available!!!

We really lucked out..

I was still 4cm and 80%.. and soooo mad! I couldn’t believe I made NO progress in 1 week and after 6 hours of contractions..

The tried to convince me my water hadn’t broken.. but eventually admitted they were wrong.

I moved very quickly from that point. I sat on a birth ball the entire time. Leaning over onto the bed with my arms wrapped around a pillow and my head buried in it. Angie (my doula.. more on her later) worked on my back, mostly just rubbing and making sure to tell me lots of positive things. I kept my eyes closed, and my head down almost the entire time. The only time I talked was to tell someone a contraction was starting or stopping. They say I was in a good zone.. I say I was bottling up all my feelings..and praying.. A LOT!!!

The last time I was checked and I was completely ready the contractions were so bad it was one long contraction for at least 30 or 45 minutes. That was almost my breaking point. I was done and in so much pain but just kept telling myself it was almost over… and it was!

I practiced pushed for probably 30 or 40 minutes.. I really have no idea. But I do know I held back a lot.

Once the doctor made it too the room, I didn’t hold back at all and he was born in about 6 pushes.. I think.. I didn’t hurt anywhere near what I thought it was. The pushing part was the easiest to me.

When I heard him suctioning I had no idea what he was doing until someone told me his head was out. I had no idea…. Anyway.. here is the first picture right afterwards..
The first thing I said as the doctor held him up was “He’s little.. I’m so glad he’s not huge.. Look.. He’s little..”

Everyone looked at me like I was insane.. but he looked soo little..

They took him and got him dried off, measured and weighed.. I lied in my first post. He was 9 lbs 0.1 oz. So technically just 9 lbs.. and 20 3/4″ long.. He was a big boy!!!! Not little….
This is by far my favorite picture.. He drives me insane because he never closes his mouth.. and I love that the nurse noticed that right from the start…

After his bath that night they brought him back in this cute hat…. And he showed us how much he loves sucking on his hand.. And that he is VERY alert!
He also really loves his Daddy… take a look at that hair!
Apparently we were too sleepy the next day to take pictures.. but we got to come home today and get him dressed in his cute outfit my sister got him… Still fit.. and it’s a newborn size!
He’s not a huge fan of the binky… but he’ll take it if your finger is inside of it!
And here his is almost all buckled in his seat.. The weird nurse made us keep the bulb syringe by his head at all times. She told us it needs to be with him where ever he is… ummm.. okay.. no…
We made it home and got all cuddly on the couch. Riddick doesn’t quite know what to think yet, but was happy to have his mommy home. My arms are big enough for both my boys! And my heart too…

We are soooooo in love with him.. and I never imagined how amazing Aaron would be. Sometimes I think he does things better than me. He’s normally not a baby person but this has come so natural to him.. It’s really amazing..

Well… looks like it’s probably time for his dinner.. Don’t worry.. there will be more pictures than you’ll know what to do with!!!

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts.. they worked!!!

And Pookie can’t wait till he aunt get’s here so his mommy and daddy can sleep!! :)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    I already know what Mom is going to say about that open mouth picture . . .

    He looks so cute in his teddy bear outfit . . where are the shoes?

  2. yay! im so excited to get see him and hold him this spring. i just wish i could be there now. give him lots of hugs and kisses for me.

  3. JEN & JEREMY says

    Ryley, he is adorable!!!

  4. I shall call him mini kell!… congrats guys :)

  5. What a handsome little boy! Congratulations. He’s just precious!

  6. Welcome Pookie—-I mean Miles. We are so glad that you are here and you are in absolutely awesome hands.

    Congratulations mom and dad.

  7. He is adorable!! I’m so happy for you and glad that all went so well and so quickly!

  8. Congratulations he is beautiful! And good for you with the au natural. Make sure you get lots of rest.

  9. The Baugh Family says

    I’m so happy for you both…congrats he’s beautiful and remember…sleep when the baby sleeps!

  10. I realized that I'd never actually read your birth story, so I had to go back to do it. You're a rock star! I love that you didn't think he was that big. I remember when Luke was born, I thought he looked small and my midwife was like, Let's get this baby on the scale, I know he's nine pounds!

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