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That really was ALLL food..

So just to prove that I’m not really that big.. Here is a morning picture from yesterday..

(if you could just ignore the comment about morning hair and makeup looking better.. that would be really nice of you! oh.and yes.. I REALLY am as tired as I look in all of these pictures.)

This is after only 32 oz of water.. a bowl of malto meal.. and probably 2 cups of brown sugar on that bowl of malto meal.. see.. not really too much of a tummy….

This is after lunch.. Baby must have liked Ramen and Dorito’s. He was pretty thumpy after lunch. And for once it didn’t hurt. But he hasn’t thumped since.. See the HUGE difference??

Oh an this is my new phone.. It’s okay.. It’s nothing super special. But I loathe flip phones.. I wouldn’t mind a slider but I hear they are crappy and break a lot.. so here I am with my next “candy bar” phone. Yep.. they’re actually called that when they don’t flip or slide..

On a WAYYYY more important note.. Today is our baby’s birthday. I tried really hard for about a month to stop calling Riddick “baby” and call him puppy or something else. So that we could make a distinction between him and the baby. So he would learn what a baby is.. but I just can’t. Aaron reminds me every time I call him Baby that I need to stop.. but he’s still my baby for the next 5 months.. and even after that.. he was my first baby.. He will just have to learn the baby’s name. ANYWAYYYY… he turns 4 today.. I can not believe that it was 4 years ago today that those puppies were born.. 4 years ago today that we weren’t sure if he was going to make it.. 4 years ago today that he became nana’s “little bit”.. and 4 years ago today that we learned to stick a tube down his throat to feed him… Little Bit isn’t the littlest anymore… and he now holds his own around his brothers.. and loves his sister the most! I think I better start gathering the pictures for his birthday post!! … We’ll be going to the park to bbq and play toys tonight.. like we always do for his birthday.. and this morning his daddy made him a piece of toast with butter for his birthday breakfast.. he was really sad when we left this morning.. but we’ll be home before he knows it…
Happy Birthday Puppleupagus….


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    Why don’t you just start referring to the baby as “puppy” and teach Riddick what a puppy is?

  2. I have to agree with your big sister…
    Anyway, who takes a whole bunch of pictures of themselves in the mirror at work on a camera phone. Someone has too much time on their hands:)
    And happy birthday Riddick!

  3. Have you ever met me?? I’m the QUEEN of self portrait bathroom pictures! :)
    And plus.. its the only mirror big enough to take them in.. and it has a nice white backround.. if i take them anywhere at home I have to deal with a green backround!

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