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5 months.. REALLY??

Today has been one of those days where I really can’t believe I’m almost 5 months pregnant..

Next week I’ll be 5 months.. That really just blows my mind.

I remember when Aaron and I were discussing having a baby.. and how we decided we could sooner than later.. after all “You’re basically pregnant for a whole year.” I told him.. And HOLY COW that “whole year” is almost over!!!!!! Boy was that an over estimation.. I thought it would just c..r..a..w…l.. by. I mean it’s 10 months. And that is “ALMOST” a year..

Which I think it might go a little slower if it were a different time of the year.. but I blink sometime around Halloween and all of a sudden we’re watching the ball drop on New years..

Anyway.. Where was I.. Oh yea.. 5 months.. At 5 months I assumed I would be as big as a house.. Gained at least 20 pounds and just miserable..

None of which actually happened..

I think I’ve gained 2 pounds now.. and today.. I have no tummy to speak of. (Even at 4:00 when I’m normally HUGE compared to the morning..)

(sorry the pic is blurry.. I didn’t realize that I had my camera on the “flower” setting.. I must be taking after my sister!)

Where on earth is this baby hiding??????

I have still been feeling pretty good. I’m just SOOOOO tired.. I’ve never felt exhaustion like this ever… I think I’ll actually talk to the doctor about it, because it doesn’t feel normal.. Hopefully she doesn’t look at me like I’m nuts.. But it really doesn’t feel normal.

Other than that.. its business as usual…

Riddick has his first sleepover tonight.. Be prepared for multiple pictures and stories throughout the week as we embark on the week of being a 2 dog family.. (I bet this will TOTALLY ruin any chance I have of EVER getting another dog!!)


  1. Mixed Up Me says

    How is the puppy sleepover going? Also, you kow your baby countdown thingy goes through two days each day, I’m pretty sure . . . I swear it said 151 yesterday.

  2. Actually time just goes by that fast! It sucks!!! My counter is exactly right.. 19 weeks today..I’m very glad the babies head isnt all crooked now.. i hated looking at that. Made my neck hurt!

    And the sleepover is a little exhausting.. I didn’t take any pictures last night because I was busy just coralling them! I’ll take some tonight and tomorrow!

  3. I can’t believe you’ve only gained 2 pounds at 19 weeks! I think right now I’m up 3, and I’m at 13 weeks. It varies, though – my weight is all over the place! A few weeks ago, I was up like 5 or 6, and now I’m back down. Makes me hope nothing is wrong!

    And thank you so much for the advice you’ve given already – I’m sure you’ve been in the same boat as me, but you’re just a few weeks ahead of me!

  4. I just found your blog, and I really like it! Your dogs are SOOO cute! No wonder you love them! And congratulations on your pregnancy! I remember being at that state, where I didn’t look pregnant yet but was getting a little bigger. I liked it better when people could actually tell that I WAS pregnant. :)

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