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Afterwhile Crocodile..

Goodnight from our house to yours….

11 weeks..

We had a pretty boring day today..
I don’t think we even got dressed until about 3pm!
Me and baby went for a drive to the post office and took a detour out to the new temple by Daybreak, got lost in Daybreak and had to use the GPS to guide us home! It was a last ditch effort to force some sort of nap on him. It worked while we were in the car, but he woke up the second we got home. All he’s done is eat today.. Lets hope the night goes smoother…..

My turn to talk about the Draper Temple open house!

We basically had written off going to see the Draper Temple, it just never worked out. Until, Aaron’s mom invited us to go with them. The tickets they had were pretty late. But, we thought it would be perfect since the baby would be asleep and would be easier for someone to babysit.

Thankfully Katie agreed.. with a little bribing of baked goods!

We arrived at the church parking lot at about 8:30pm. We rode the bus over to the temple and enjoyed our time there.

It was sooo pretty.. I’m very glad Katie talked us into going. BUT.. it was a LATE night..
It was after 10:30 by the time we got back to Katie’s house. And by the time we got home and finally settled into bed it was after 1:00am..

My 5:00am alarm clock came really fast really fast that morning!

I am really glad we went and I can’t wait to be able to go back after it opens.

The picture taking, was a little neglected. It was late.. and cold and welll we just kind of forgot!
So this is all you get from that night… sorry..
The temple in the dark..

And on the bus…

A lot different from the millions of pictures we took at the Sacramento Open house a few years ago! :)

EUREKA! He found it….

I have VERY mixed emotions about this subject…
Baby has never been a binky boy. Even in the hospital he just wouldn’t take it. We only get him to take it every once in awhile, but he really needs it more.
He has always sucked on his hands.. but he just could never manage to find his thumb consistently or convince his arm to keep his hand in his mouth no matter how badly he wanted it..
I know that he needs some sort of comfort device.. but a binky would be so much easier to take away later.
You see.. I was a thumb sucker. (TO THE EXTREME!)
I can’t remember the exact age I stopped sucking my thumb, but I can tell you that my parents did EVERYTHING to try to stop me. I was pretty old.. maybe even 10 or older.. I’m pretty sure it was older.
Yesterday he did so good with finding and keeping his thumb.. After he woke up from his typical 4 hour afternoon nap he laid on the bed for a good 15 minutes just sucking away..
(oh how I love those blue eyes!)
He even had pretty decent form….

But then he got embarrassed! :)

I sure hope he is sucking the thumb on his dominant hand… I can’t remember what thumb I sucked..and I’ve even googled to see if this means he’ll be left handed.. lets hope!!

Both Aaron and I are left handed and I REALLY want him to be. I can’t even imagine having to teach him things like writing.. or eating or tying his shoes right handed!

The best new toys EVER…

This has been a week of new toys.. and a week of “just find someway to entertain the baby”

Our first toy is a new Fisher Price mobile. He LOVES it.. I have been looking for a mobile that is a little more entertaining then most.. and considering his love of the ceiling fan I was very glad when I found this one.

The animals rotate and the leaves move up and down.. It catches his attention so well and keeps it!

(granted at some point, his room will be forest themed and well…this doesn’t exactly match.. but it’s all about the entertainment factor.. and this has IT!)

Our second toy of the week is this play mat… (it was actually the first toy of the week, but I’m too lazy to arrange the pictures.. sorry!)

One day in costco I saw a lady with a baby. She had this blinking star toy attached to the baby’s car seat and I was immediately drawn to it. I knew Miles would love it so I kind of bombarded her about it. She told me it came from a play mat that she has so I started researching.

I almost didn’t go with this particular one. (I research things like this TO DEATH!) but ultimately I did. I am sooo glad I did. It’s fantastic. I know I can’t expect a long attention span from him at this age, but this still keeps him busy for quite awhile.

(Please excuse the dog.. he’s still not used to this not-being-the-center-of-attention-anymore thing.. He see’s the camera and still thinks he needs to be in EVERY picture..)

And the twinkling star. HUGE hit! It lights up and flashes different colors and plays up beat songs. He is completely mesmerized by it. We use it all around the house.. in his crib.. on his bouncy chair.. EVERYWHERE.. I would have paid the $60 just for that star! :)
He also really likes the mirror.. and the sun shine rattle thing that he can hit with his hand..
It was a great investment and I can see how it will last him for quite awhile. There are enough things to keep him entertained for a few more months.. (hopefully longer..)

And the last one isn’t a new toy for him.. but it kind of is for us!!

We try to leave the blanket off his car seat as much as possible while we are in the car so he can get some sunlight. (I’m a little neurotic on the vitamin D deficiency thing!) but he is a HUGE baby about the sun being in his eyes. We even have a VERY dark tinted car. So I opted for the next best thing and got him a pair of “sunnies”
And surprisingly he leaves them on just fine and doesn’t seem to mind them, and more importantly doesn’t cry when the sun is in his eyes!
The first time he wore them, Aaron kept looking back in the rear view mirror and just laughing.. they’re pretty darn cute!
Last but not least.. the video’s of the toys…. (again.. pardon the dog..) The play mat video was taken after about 15 minutes on it. So he is just starting to get a little bit fussy..

And sorry about this video.. I can’t figure out how to flip it.. So just turn your head! :)

What a fun week for little man! :)