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How good was your lunch????

Was it this good?????????
Doubt it….

P.s. I am SOOOOOOOOo behind on picture.. I plan on catching up very very soon!

Least favorite part of parenthood…

It’s not the dirty diapers….
Or sleepless nights..
Or endless laundry..
It’s this……
The endless washing of bottles and pump pieces….. Miles’s bottles each have 5 pieces to them! Times the 8 bottles he has.. that’s 40 pieces.. My pump has 4 pieces each… times 4.. that’s 16 pieces.. plus the bottles I use to pump into.. plus their lids.. that equals a lot of pieces!!!!
Twice a day.. my sink looks like this…. twice a day.. ALL of this needs to be cleaned.. It’s what I do when I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do when I come home from work…

Today marks the 1/3 mark! We are officially a 1/3 of the way done with pumping and breastfeeding…. and hopefully using these silly bottles. I can’t wait till he will just take an ordinary bottle with a drop in liner (my cupboards are already full of them!)

Granted… we might make it past a year.. but we don’t have too!

And that is enough light for the end of my tunnel!!

Aaron’s new promotion and new boss!

Let me start by saying.. I love my job.

Or as I’ve been saying a lot lately.. I love the idea of my job.

When I am away from work, I miss it. (a little..) but I think of it in a good way..

While I’m there I always wish I was somewhere else..

But overall.. I love my job!

Me loving my job was one of the biggest reason I was able to keep my pregnancy a secret for so long, nobody thought I would get pregnant because they know I love my job too much.

Since we’ve had the baby Aaron and I have been splitting the work day.

I go to work from 7am to 1pm and he brings the baby and meets me at work at 1 then he works till 6…

It worked..

Sorta… It wasn’t really enough money.. and I was falling behind.. FAST! My boss asked me daily when I’d be back to work full time and my answer was always.. I don’t know..

Meanwhile, I could have stayed at work for 12 hours a day to get caught up and Aaron dreaded coming in to work. The whole 5 hours he was there I received text message after text message about how much he missed little guy.. and asking how we were..

I finally broke down and told my boss one day that if he wanted me to be at work, he’d have to pay me both of our salaries combined, and Aaron would stay home if he could promise Aaron would have a job back if our situation ever changed..

He answered with a hmmmm..

And I dropped it..

Enter 2 weeks ago..

I was called to his office and he asked me if it was alright to offer Aaron a new position with no set office hours! Which means he could basically stay at home most of the time. He would keep his current salary and would only need to come in if something needed taken care of that couldn’t be done from home.
(I too find it funny that he asked me before offering it to him!)

Unfortunately, we are in the cutting cost mode and we needed to lay some people off so 2 jobs were consolidated into one, and Aaron handles both!

It was our dreams (and prayers) come true!

So in a nut shell.. Aaron has a new boss..at home.. He is A LOT more demanding then his old one.. but he also has way better benefits.. :) Although he also comes with a lot of dirty diapers!

I am now back at work full time and can breath a huge sigh of relief…

Even though our boss (the one at work.. not at home!) can be a really pain in the neck sometimes.. I am really grateful to have a boss that understands the importance of family and takes care of us like we are all his family. I am also grateful to have a boss that has a lot of insight and seems to be really intuitive to our needs…

As for Aaron.. His new boss is the best boss he could ever have.. and his new job is the best promotion he could ever get!

He makes an amazing stay at home dad.. Him and little guy are the best of buds.. And I wouldn’t change that for the world!

The first daddy and little guy picture ever! (Who is that baby?? I don’t even recognize him anymore!)

Aaron hates this picture because of the way he’s holding him.. but its very fitting for our first 2 weeks!

Miles learning the tricks of the trade so he can grow up to be just like Daddy
Doing his daddy duties…

My boys.. (all three of them.. Riddick even snuck in the background!)

Newborn cuddles with Daddy..

The three most important people in the entire world to me!!! (Yes Riddick counts as a person..)

The most recent Daddy and little man picture! (we really need to take more!)

I am so proud of Aaron for taking this new responsibility. I know I was not cut out to be a stay at home mom. It’s so hard and I respect him so much for selflessly taking on the task of raising our son. I love him so much for loving us enough to do this..
I am so excited that they will be such great friends because of this…

And the best thing about working full time……

coming home to this every night!

Man, I love my boys!!!

The Roll….

After I got in trouble because my sister had to find out the baby rolled over from a friends blog.. I decided I better try to capture it on video..

Although very soon she’ll see it in real life!!!!

This seems like its completely accidental and he doesn’t know he’s doing it, but he’ll do it over and over now.. so we’re calling it rolling over!!!

Enjoy.. (and yes we realize he rolls over on a bar..but.. you know ..the office is pretty cramped these days!)


Even though I was already tagged for this by someone else.. Deborah tagged me again.. And her rules were slightly different.. so I will accept! :)

Plus, when I went to see what picture it was.. I was laughing so hard I had to do it.. Here are the rules…
All you do is post the 4th picture from your pictures folder on your computer.

Now this is a little hard for me.. I have 9,000 picture folders on my computer.. but I opted to go with the “real” picture folder that’s in the my docs..

And this was the 4th picture…

In case you can’t tell.. my tongue actually has a bruise on it! It was taken on 4/26/06

And well.. honestly.. thats all I want to say about it! :oP

so ummhmm who hasn’t done this before??

I tag:

Michelle, Rachel, Katie, and how ‘nout Niff (are you reading today Niff?? and how about just your 4th Mac pics!)