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The name game…

Could also be titled. “My Least Favorite Subject”

If we were having a girl, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Girl names are a cinch! We’ve got tons of them…

A boy on the other hand… IMPOSSIBLE to name!

The first 20 weeks of this pregnancy I would go into a panic attack every time I tried to think of a name. I panic that I won’t be able to find one I like, or that I will wake up a week after having the baby or 2 years after having the baby and HATE the name! (That still reallllly worries me.)

I realized that I couldn’t keep doing that to myself so I decided to wait until I knew for sure whether it was a girl or boy before I worked myself into another fit..

Now we know..and now it isn’t any easier.

We have thought of a lot of names.. but nothing jumps out at me.. Nothing screams.. “THIS IS HIS NAME”


So here is what we have thought of….

  • Elijah – We would call him Eli. This is my dad’s favorite. One of ours also, but we really want a little girl named Ellie one day. Eli and Ellie are too close in name.. for kids that aren’t twins..
  • Luke – good fall back name… but a little boring..
  • Joel – also a little boring..
  • Kyle – I don’t really know why I like this name, but I kinda do. Again.. not love..
  • River – When his sister in law was pregnant this was the name we were all pulling for. I LOVE this name.. but just don’t know if I actually could..
  • Joey – Boring.. but cute. Even before we knew what we were having his grandparents told us that they would really like a Joseph in the family. I was already thinking Joey at that point, but it made it a little more special.
  • Aidenehhh. I like it… but its a little trendy. Plus my cousin has a little boy named Brayden.. and it just sounds to close..
  • Miles – OUR FAVORITE! but no one else likes it.. :( Which I hate.. If this baby was born today, his name would be Miles. We are totally in love with it. It still will probably be one of the top contenders.. but it makes me really sad that no one in my family likes it…
  • Milo – This got vetoed faster than Miles. But also one of our favorites. I just don’t feel like its a very grown up name.
  • Oliver – We like Oliver. Not love.. but strong like..
  • Preston – Aaron has a really good friend named Preston. But he’s a great guy..and we like this name too..
  • Elliot – MY FAVORITE! This was my first favorite. (Before Miles) it was actually one of my top contenders for a girls name (then call her Ellie) But I really like it for a boy also. BUT.. if we use this now, we loose our chance to use Ellie later. Since we’ll probably call him El.. or even Elli sometimes..
  • Mason – I really like Mason. It’s my sisters middle name. Which I really like. But sounds a little silly with Eaton.
  • Dylan or Dilan – Like this name.. but we’ve never given it a lot of thought. Just threw it out there one day and we both liked it, so it made it to the list.
  • Cooper – I just want to call him Coop! I like Cooper.. but we’ve never really seriously discussed it either..
  • Carter – Same with Carter. Like it.. just never thought much about it.

So.. these names are all on a white board on our fridge.. we look at them a few times a night just hoping one will jump out and bite us in the face!!! So far nothing has…

Aaron was talking to the baby the other night in bed, and called him Milo. I looked at him and said.. “Is that what we decided?” Then he called him Miles. It sounded sooooo perfect.. It just was right… Just felt right..

Our only draw back with Miles is the plural.. if I tell Aaron to go get his socks I have to say “Can you go gets Mileses socks?” Which sounds really dumb.. I know that.. And I admit it… but… I still like it… We still like it.

I don’t think we are going to officially decide on 1 name.. I think we will have our favorite name and a back up or two.. just in case he doesn’t look like what we’ve decided.


oh.. also.. remember our last name is Eaton. Most names that end with N sound pretty silly with it. BUT some sound okay..

oh… by the way…

We went for our 20 week ultrasound ummmm.. well.. a couple weeks ago! :)
I walked into the ultrasound being 19 weeks and 6 day.. I walked out being 20 weeks 3 days. I was super excited and totally bummed all at the same time.. I had big plans for the official 20 weeks mark.. I was excited to see that I had exactly as many days left as I had already finished.. That half way point was really exciting for me.. But I blinked and it was over…
However… My FAVORITE thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is the moving up of my due date.. This baby is HUGE! Measuring 8 days ahead.. already weighing a full pound when it should have only been weighing around 10 ounces. Big kid.. And allllll feet and legs.. It’s pretty funny.. Want to see????
Here is the profile.. I think I may have a simpsons baby! Thankfully the lips don’t look as big in the other pics!

A GIANT foot..

Another picture of before mentioned GIANT foot and super long leg..

The legs crossed..

Another profile

Looking down from the top of the head.. the arms..

But this… this is my FAVORITE picture..

It’s so typical of this baby.. I just love it. It spent almost the entire ultrasound laying like this.. I don’t know if you can tell… But it is laying on its head with its feet up in the air. It looked like it was doing some sort of yoga position and paddling its legs like it was riding a bike. It was super cute.. and it just makes me laugh! What a silly kid…

What kind you ask???????? (one of my husbands friends actually asked him “Do you know what kind it is yet?)

To tell our families we made these jars. Them each in a box with no other notes…

I wasn’t there to see how long it took my family to get it.. but it took his dad sometime to figure it out!
That’s right.. we’re in for some frogs and snails and puppy dog tails!!!

Just like I had always said… It’s a boy!!!!

I honestly wasn’t very surprised.. I always knew it was a boy… So it was just more of an .. “oh.. okay” moment..

And now.. so I can formally humiliate my son on the world wide web.. I give you further proof..
Even though Aaron really wanted a girl.. He is definitely excited for his boy now.. He talks to him a lot and its really funny.. Sometimes he’ll put his mouth on my stomach and scream something into it. It always startles the baby and he jumps! It’s so funny.. Of course the baby probably doesn’t think its too funny.. but we do!

We are approaching the 24th week.. and I still can’t believe it.. I have NO idea where this little guy is hiding. He’s big.. he’s a big baby.. but he’s obviously found a pretty decent hiding place.. I was just at a baby shower Saturday when I started talking about some of the same things the girl was talking about she said “I didn’t know you were pregnant” Yep.. almost 6 months!!!
It’s actually starting to get annoying.. but I guess I should just feel lucky and roll with the punches!
But back to the baby.. everything looks great. He was SUPER active. I do feel him everyday but they are just little thumps.. nothing huge. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t feel all those karate moves he was doing in there. The tech checked everything and saw no problems but was having a tough time getting good pictures for the doctor since he was so squirmy. We have another appointment in a couple weeks and will have yet another ultrasound so she can get good pictures, It’s at 8 oclock in the morning so hopefully he’ll still be asleep!
Only bad news.. (well not really bad..) Is that my placenta still hasn’t moved. I was told I had placenta previa at about 11 weeks. But that it will more than likely move.. It hasn’t… not even a teeny tiny bit.. I was really worried about it at first. But I’m not anymore.. It doesn’t mean anything bad for the baby.. So I just deal with it! There is still a chance it could move, but if it hasn’t even moved a little in 10 weeks.. I’m not really counting on it. It just means I will have to have a c-section.. which I can deal with. Not my ideal situation.. but still not doom and gloom..
So.. we’ll see.. I’m fine either way.. Just as long as our little guy is safe and sound!
and please don’t ask about names.. that’s a WHOLE separate post… get your thinking caps on!! :)

Make Me Babies…

I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to do today, and I’m currently right in the middle of a slight melt down.. (Yes, screaming at the top of your lungs at your boss about how sick you are of him flip flopping all the time, and you wish he’d just make up his freakin‘ mind… and then bursting into tears moments before running and locking yourself in the bathroom… only constitutes as a slight melt down in my book!)
I saw this on my baby board forum that I read and had to try it….
Here is baby boy Eaton… This honestly freaks me out a little.. he looks a little too much like me.. and I don’t think he’s very cute……
HOWEVER… he is better than the alternative… Baby Girl E….

Why is she cross eyed?????? And you may keep that comment to your self Ryan!!! I still don’t know if I’ve forgiven you guys yet for never telling me that I have a weird eye….
That’s all for now…
I will commence the melt down…..

We were campin…

Apparently.. running your air conditioner so your house is always a comfortable 65 degree’s may not always be the best thing for it! Who knew????
It’s been hot here.. Welll.. Hot for here.. it’s reached 100 a couple times and often huvers around 95.. and its tooooo hot for me. I really do keep our a/c between 60 and 65 at all times, the lower the better at night, and I still wake up sweating and dieing of being hot.
The air conditioner has been freezing a little here and there.. we normally turn it off for awhile.. then turn it back on. It happened again on Friday so we turned it off for awhile again..
It didn’t get much better on Saturday.. By the time we got home Saturday night.. it was late…AND.. it was HOT! I threatened that I was calling the closest hotel.. I was tired.. cranky..and hot.. not a good combonation. The A/C wasnt blowing air at all!!!
Aaron thought it would just be a good idea to turn on the fan in our bedroom upstairs.. which then turned it into a convection oven.. instead of just your everyday average oven. Nothing like hot air being pushed around..
It was 78 degrees down stairs in the kitchen (the coolest place in the house) I have NO idea how hot it was upstairs.. but there was NO WAY I was sleeping there.. I figured if we have to stay in the house, we were at least going to stay down stairs where it was “only” 78..
So I (—>meaning I made Aaron) pack up all of the bedding and take it downstairs to the couch.

Aaron insisted on using his favorite blanket (we call her Martha) however, his favorite blanket is more like a throw. I warned him that it would be too little…

I really wanted to use our bedspread.. which is King sized..and well Riddick.. He got the best blankie in the house…

Even though the couch is comfortable.. it was still hot! Really hot.. I think I slept okay, I worried about having to make it to the bathroom half asleep.. but I did okay… Aaron’s only complaint.. His blanket was too small!!!!! Really?? Geez.. I wish someone had warned him about that before we went to bed!! :)

It was like we were camping… Riddick loved being able to come up on the couch in the morning and snuggle.. I’m pretty sure it was his favorite part!! :)

What baby?????????

Today… at Wal-Mart (I know.. I know.. I should expect it..) I received my first ever questioning of my pregnancy.

While standing in the craft isle, A lady walked past with her family and about 3 year old daughter. They were looking at some things, All I had in my cart was a picture frame and she put her hand on my shoulder and asked me.. “When is your baby due?”

And today.. While I am wearing a tighter shirt.. I don’t look 5 months and 1 week pregnant. I just look like an ordinary chubby girl.. much like I did before there was a 1 pound 10″ long wiggle worm in my stomach..

seee….. Would you ever ask that girl when her baby was due???????????

I was seriously offended… I don’t know why.. I guess I should just smile and go on my way and not bring it up.. but I just kept thinking, “What if I wasn’t”

I did respond, “December” to her before walking away.. but I can’t get it out of my head.

When I got back to work, I went to my husbands desk to vent to him about it. The girl behind him says “You don’t look pregnant at all, I think you look great. Don’t let it get you down, I don’t think she meant it.” I kind of looked at her a little puzzled and said.. “Well, I don’t really have anything to be upset about since I am pregnant, I just don’t think I look like it today.” To which she replies, “You’re pregnant??” ummm.. yea.. like 6 months ago lady!! :) See what I mean.. there are TONS of people that I see every day, multiple times a day that have no idea.. so what was this lady’s deal????

The ladies in my office claimed it was because she could see my “glow”… which by the way.. this whole “glow” thing.. biggest crock of crap EVER!!!! It’s so dumb.. If anything.. its called grease from this sudden puberty like breakout I’ve been experiencing for the past 5 months!

Have I mentioned I’m also a little on edge??? :)