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I originally wrote this post… umm.. April 4th! Seems like so long ago that I was talking about being 4 weeks pregnant!!

Its actually kind of a dumb post.. but I figured one day I might want to look back and read it..
I’ll post something more interesting soon…

Wednesday will officially be 15 wks for us..



I am very very good at making up symptoms for anything! If here someone sneeze in the phone I’m pretty sure I’m sick too!

I finally broke down in October and went to the doctor after two weeks for symptoms that mimicked “morning sickness” I would throw up a few times every day and generally feel nauseous until about 1 or 2pm. Nothing was wrong with me and I eventually just ‘got over it’

I again finally broke down and went to the doctor in February because I have a drinking problem! NOOOOO… not that kind!

I drink a TON of water every day.

Like we are talking about 10-15 liters OR 10,000-15,000 ml OR 480 ounces!! A DAY! That.. my friend.. is a BUTT load of water! And with all the water comes about 12-20 trips to the little girls room every single day! Surprisingly, I almost never wake up in the middle of the night, but I sure d0 bolt out of bed in the morning.

And guess what?? Yep.. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me there either. But I did get the nice news that my Cholesterol is high. But my good cholesterol is like 2-3 times higher than it needs to be. So technically it balances out. But it still worried my doctor enough to mention it.
I am trying to be a little better.

Unfortunately I think I am just raising my Good Cholesterol instead of lowering my bad.. oh well!!

So.. when I thought I *might* be pregnant I started noticing ALLL sorts of symptoms. Google never lets me down and confirmed that they could definitely be symptoms. But still… it was pretty early to be experiencing these things..

I got really weird cramps. And I NEVER have cramps.. so it definitely threw me off…

I got this horrible cold / sinus things.. and killer headaches..

I would get home at 5:30 and go right to bed and still be sooo tired in the morning…

I had this dream exactly a week before I was supposed to start..that I took a pregnancy test and it turned positive before I even set it down.. and I was pregnant with twins!!!! I woke up
that morning and actually took a test…. big fat negative…

The hot flashes.. oh man those were bad. I’d get them so badly at work that I couldn’t work
through them. I would have to stop everything I was doing.. It was often at very
inconvenient times also!

During the course of that cold thing.. I lost almost 10 pounds.. all I did was sleep and I had no
appetite.. didn’t feel nauseous. Just didn’t want to eat..

And then.. everything went away.. there was nothing to obsess over.. everything was gone..
No hurting boobs.. no nausea.. although.. the cramping.. holy cow that hurt..

So Sunday.. which was the day after i was should have started I decided I pretty much was pregnant.. but would take a test just to be sure.

I put the cap on, never looked at it and set it on the back of the toilet, and got back in bed. It took me a few minutes to even tell Aaron that I took a test, and I told him I didn’t want to see it. He was going to have to go look.

He asked what it was supposed to look like and I told him there was an example on it.

He came back and told me there were 2 lines! So.. We’re pregnant!!!!
We laid in bed for a little while longer.. then got up and went to church.

So today I am officially 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant. And my symptoms have been anything but “normal” I have had NO typical “your-pregnant” symptoms.

And its still continuing on that trend. The cramping is getting less and less. (My doctor assures me cramping is very normal, and only to call if i notice spotting)
But the bloating… oh boy the bloating. I already can only fit into 2 pair of pants. I can’t button or zip anything else. And I’m a little stuck wearing big shirts (which I only have about 4 of!) This will be very interesting!

I hear the bloating goes away.. and the other symptoms eventually start. But I’m talking myself into being one of those people that never gets morning sickness. I guess we’ll see!!

We’ve decided not to tell anyone for quite awhile. Our first appointment is on May 6th. Which makes us 8 weeks. His sister is due the end of May and we are going to try to hold off the announcement till after her baby boy is born. (If I don’t get really reallly fat reallly reallly fast!)

Ideally.. I want to wait until 12 weeks. That puts us at June 1st. I think time will go by so much faster if we don’t even tell people until 12 weeks. Then its only 8 more weeks until we find out what “it” is!


Told you it was kind of lame! And saying we were going to wait till twelve weeks.. that’s for wimps!! We made it to 14 weeks with the families and I still haven’t told anyone at work. Maybe I’ll just call them from the hospital when its born!! :) I’m actually pretty sure that if I don’t tell them soon Katie will…

But I haven’t gained a ton of weight so it is still very easily hidden. I even wore a somewhat tight shirt today and was pretty pleased that no one could really tell. My scale at home says I’ve gained 4 lbs. My last doctors appointment I hadn’t gained an ounce!! But she isn’t accounting for the weight I lost during my cold in the first week… It really surprises me. I always assumed I would easily and quickly gain weight. I’m not sure how its working.. since all I eat is crap.. but I’m not complaining……. :)


The real reason for the crappy posting….

Remember when I had that really bad cold..and I was SOOOOOOOOOOO tired.. apparently there was a reason for that..
Yep… Puppy’s going to be a big brother!! He’s pretty excited about it…

Here’s further proof…

We are officially 14 wks and 1 day today. I like to consider that almost 15 wks. Makes me feel better!!! And I know.. I know.. I’ve kept it a secret for a long time. But it was nice! The first few weeks were REALLY hard to keep it.. but after that it got a lot easier. And it was nice to just have this little thing between us. It was fun for awhile. We told both of our families on Fathers day. And I planned on telling everyone at work the Monday after.. but really.. it just doesn’t come up in conversation.. so they still don’t know. So don’t tell them.. K?? Thanks… anyway.. on Saturday I was actually getting sad about telling everyone. It’s been nice for no one to know. And its help me be happier, since I can’t mope around and complain!

Actually I’ve felt really pretty decent.. nothing to really complain about..

Anyway I actually have been blogging quite a bit and just saving them.. so I’ll release them every once in awhile!!! :)

We are very very very excited! And I am very thank full to be feeling well..

Much more more to come……